Watertight solutions 

The properties of bentonite

Dantonit’s response to increasing environmental problems is solutions featuring raw bentonite, where neither chemicals nor additives have been used to achieve high density. Bentonite, which we extract on the island of Tåsinge, is a special type of clay that absorbs water, meaning that it remains sealed. The material is therefore ideal for use in solutions to prevent pollution and seepage, and also to protect areas against cloudbursts, for example.

All of our products have a clear focus on tasks relating to sealing, typically in major construction projects, such as the establishment of landfill membranes or other forms of surface protection, e.g., against groundwater flow, pollution, etc. We also supply various sealing materials for the well-drilling industry, for use in plugging boreholes and wells. Find out more about our products

Waterproof, year after year

The overriding benefit of sealing with bentonite rather than artificially produced materials is that bentonite remains flexible. It follows the movement of the subsurface and nature over the summer and winter, maintaining adhesion to adjacent materials such as concrete.

Bentonite has a self-repairing property that increases the quality and lifetime of the solution. This means that if it is pierced, it will always close together and form a seal once more. And as bentonite is a pure, natural material, it will not deteriorate, which is why our bentonite products last longer and stand out positively compared with traditional sealing solutions. So it makes no sense to lay synthetic materials in the ground when there is a natural alternative – with the added benefit of a significantly longer lifetime and significantly higher quality.

For us, the starting point is pure bentonite, and we are happy to develop new, customized solutions based on specifications and requirements. Find out more here


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