Welcome to Dantonit

Dantonit is part of NCC A/S and is the only Scandinavian manufacturer of certified bentonite products. We extract the bentonite in our own quarry on the island of Tåsinge, and produce a wide range of environment-friendly products for such purposes as sealing wells and boreholes in large construction projects, and for membranes to protect areas against pollution.

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Important information:
Natural gas charge week 49: 3,17 %. The charge will be adjusted once a week

We develop and manufacture sustainable and waterproof bentonite solutions for:

The properties of bentonite

As environmental legislation is tightened to address global climate change, it is necessary to find new solutions based on more environment-friendly materials. Dantonit’s response to increasing environmental problems is solutions featuring raw bentonite, where neither chemicals nor additives have been used to achieve high density.

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Customized solutions

Dantonit is the only Scandinavian manufacturer of bentonite products. For us, the starting point is pure, natural bentonite, and we are happy to develop new, customized solutions based on specifications and requirements. Need a special solution?

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