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Welcome to Dantonit

Welcome to Dantonit

Dantonit is part of NCC A/S and is the only Scandinavian manufacturer of certified bentonite products. We extract the bentonite in our own quarry on the island of Tåsinge, and produce a wide range of environment-friendly products for such purposes as sealing wells and boreholes in large construction projects, and for membranes to protect areas against pollution.

We develop and manufacture sustainable and waterproof bentonite solutions for:

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Watertight solutions from natural materials

Dantonit’s response to increasing environmental problems is solutions featuring raw bentonite, where neither chemicals nor additives have been used to achieve high density. Bentonite is a special type of clay – a natural material – that absorbs water, meaning that it remains completely sealed. The material is therefore ideal for use in solutions to prevent pollution and seepage, and also to protect areas against cloudbursts, for example. Bentonite does not deteriorate and has a self-repairing property, which makes our products extremely durable and long-lasting.

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Customized solutions

At Dantonit, we have our own laboratory with an entire team of skilled technicians and laboratory assistants, who can adapt our products to your specific needs and satisfy the vast majority of inquiries – even when a new, tailor-made solution has to be designed.

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A sustainable workplace

Dantonit in Odense is one of NCC’s sustainable workplaces. This means that our workplace meets a wide range of requirements set out in our sustainability framework, which includes the work environment, social inclusion, material and waste, climate and energy, compliance and portfolio execution. The requirements that must be met to be a sustainable workplace relate not only to our own work functions and employees, but also to our subcontractors. Find out more here

Bentonite solutions from DANTONIT

  • No environmental impact
  • Self-repairing, natural material
  • No chemicals or additives
  • Waterproof, year after year
  • Lower transport costs
  • Complies with the steady increase in regulatory requirements


If you require advice or a sounding board to choose the right bentonite solution, we’re always at your service. Fill out the form or contact us direct:

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