Bentonite membranes

Protect the Danish coastline with nature’s own material

Looking for a membrane solution to protect our coastline against erosion? What about one that has both a longer useful life and no environmental impact at all? At Dantonit A/S, we offer membranes of raw bentonite from our own quarry at Tåsinge – a waterproof and totally natural solution.

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The Danish coastline is under pressure in several places, and on the central part of the West Coast in Jutland, waves from the North Sea are making serious inroads into the country. But coastal erosion, increased water levels and storm surges are not just a challenge along the west coast of Jutland. The whole country is being affected, and it will only be reinforced by more severe weather and increased water levels as a result of climate change.

These significant changes in the climate therefore require us to be innovative and open to new solutions. At Dantonit, we develop and manufacture bentonite membranes that are suitable for both climate protection and coastal protection. Furthermore, our bentonite is also totally natural and self-repairing.

Waterproof, year after year

The most important component of the membrane is bentonite, which we extract at Tåsinge, and which is a very special type of clay that absorbs water, so it remains completely sealed. Our membranes for coastal protection are manufactured in large rolls and laid out as a mat (15 to 40 cm thick) together with other sand and aggregate.

The quality of our bentonite membranes is significantly higher than that found in traditional solutions, such as plastic membranes. Bentonite has a self-repairing property that increases the quality and lifetime of the solution. This means that if it is pierced, it will always close together and form a seal once more. Bentonite does not deteriorate, and it is not washed away by the movement of the water, which is the really major difference between membranes made of raw bentonite and plastic membranes. They remain a natural material, which means they last much longer than typical plastic membranes.

No chemicals or additives

In contrast to traditional plastic membranes, our response to the increasing environmental problems is bentonite membranes. What makes our bentonite membranes unique is that neither chemicals nor additives have been used to achieve their high density.

A plastic membrane is made of synthetic materials and has a very limited lifetime. Right now, the issues of climate and sustainability are rightly topping the agenda, so it makes no sense to lay synthetic materials in the ground when there is a natural alternative – with the added benefit of a significantly longer lifetime and significantly higher quality.

For us, the starting point is pure, natural bentonite, and we are happy to develop new, customized solutions based on specifications and requirements.

We develop and manufacture sustainable and waterproof bentonite solutions for:


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