A sustainable workplace

One of NCC’s sustainable workplaces

Dantonit in Odense is one of NCC’s sustainable workplaces. This means that our workplace meets a wide range of requirements set out in our sustainability framework, which includes the work environment, social inclusion, material and waste, climate and energy, compliance and portfolio execution. The requirements that must be met to be a sustainable workplace relate not only to our own work functions and employees, but also to our subcontractors.


  • We ensure a healthy and safe work environment that promotes employee well-being.
    KRequirements related to our safety culture include workplace-specific health, information on safety and the work environment for employees and visitors, as well as reporting and follow-up of accidents, incidents and near-misses.
  • We limit emissions to land, water and air.
    Examples include avoiding idling engines, storing and handling chemicals and fuel safely, and treating contaminated and muddy water before leaving the site.


  • We interact with local stakeholders.
    Social inclusion involves dialogue with our neighbors and reasonable working conditions.
    We keep neighbors and local stakeholders  informed about our activities and allow them to engage in dialogue with site management.
  • We offer and promote reasonable working conditions.
    This includes zero tolerance of discrimination, risk assessments including of the psychosocial work environment, and the actions required to avoid accidents and incidents due to language barriers.


  • We minimize and recycle waste.
    By promoting the efficient use of materials and chemicals from a life cycle perspective, we strive to reduce waste and, if produced, to ensure that it is managed in an environmentally friendly and economically sustainable manner.


  • We reduce our carbon footprint.
    For example, by calculating our energy consumption in the workplace to find out where it can be reduced.


  • We follow the rules and the ethical guidelines for good business practice.
    NCC’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers is part of all agreements and contracts with suppliers and subcontractors. Our subcontractors’ suppliers are also approved before work commences. NCC thus takes responsibility all the way along the supply chain.


  • Our goal is to provide sustainable solutions to society.
    Based on site-specific risk and opportunity analyses on the issue of sustainability, we identify the most sustainable product, the most sustainable method or the most sustainable service in each situation.

Added value for society, customers and stakeholders

Together with customers and stakeholders, we wish to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Every day.

We develop and manufacture sustainable and waterproof bentonite solutions for:


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